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CPCCLRG3001 Licence to perform Rigging Basic level


CPCCLRG3001 Rigging basic level (Work ready) This unit specifies the outcomes required to perform basic rigging work associated with movement of plant and equipment, steel erections, hoists, placement of pre-cast concrete, safety nets and static lines, perimeter safety screens and shutters; and cantilever crane loading platforms for licensing purposes. Pre-requisite is that you must have dogging high risk work licence.


Content includes but is not limited too; planning the job, selecting and inspection equipment, set-up tasks, erect structures and plant, dismantle structures and plant. This unit largely focuses on a practical training approach to ensure learners are provided with an engaging training experience and are well equipped to performing basic rigging duties.
The course runs over a 5-day period in which learners are provided with the required knowledge and skills to perform basic rigging duties safely and confidently. The volume of content to be covered during the 5-days requires a commitment from learners to allow up to 10 hours, per day with possibility of course revision during the evenings. This will ensure our learners experience a quality training product in support of their skill level upon completion and entry into the high-risk industry. We pride ourselves on delivering a quality product, resulting in a quality rigger upon successful completion. During training, learners will undergo a series of assessments to ensure they have retained knowledge and can apply the level of skill required to undergo Workplace Health & Safety Queensland high-risk licensing assessments. In the event a learner does not pass pre-assessment, they will be requested to complete further training to build on their knowledge and skill level to ensure they reach the requirements of licensing assessment. In the event a learner is requested to re-attend training, fees may apply.

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