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TLILIC0020 Licence to operate a Slewing mobile crane (over 100T) (logbook)


TLILIC0020 Slewing mobile crane (over 100t) (logbook)This course commences with 2 full-day training sessions specifying the skills and knowledge required to operate slewing mobile crane with a maximum rated capacity (MRC) over 100 tonnes safely. This is a two day course then the student is required to return to the workplace and complete a logbook then returns on completion to sit for licence assessments.


A slewing mobile crane means a mobile crane incorporating a boom or job that can be slewed, but does not include a front-end loader, a backhoe, an excavator or other earth moving equipment, when configured for crane operation.
Upon completion of training, learners are to return to the workplace and are required to complete workplace training under the supervision of a person with the equivalent CO high risk work licence. It is the responsibility of the learner to organise suitable workplace, crane access and supervising operator prior to commencing. Workplace training is to be recorded in a logbook.

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